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Saturday, January 22, 2005

RE4: Bring the Crowd

For the uninitiated, I work at a movie theatre located right at the heart of the Florida State University campus. We show all sorts of stuff: huge blockbusters, small indie films, and cult classics at midnight. Tonight's movie is Hero. That's not important.

We open thirty minutes prior to the film's starting time. For the first fifteen of those minutes there were more people watching my friend Jon play Resident Evil 4 in the adjacent cyber cafe than there were entering our theatre (which holds over 350 bodies, zombified or not).

I'd say that's a testament to Resident Evil 4's drawing power. There was a gaggle of people hovering around the console game nook watching a guy blow the heads off of "not-zombies." Not thirty seconds could go buy without a titanic explosion of screams coming from the cafe. Common exclamations include phrases such as "OOOOOOOOH!" "HOLY SHIT!" The loudest of reactions came when my good friend accidentally blew off Ashley's head while trying to snipe her out of the hands of an infested cultist.

Also, somewhere along the line I nicknamed the tall gentleman with the large goatee who later turns into a giant insectoid boss "Crazy Ivan." I just thought I'd throw that out there.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Monopoly Monday - sponosored by Electronic Arts

Has anybody else noticed that almost every Monday since the NFL announcement, Electronic Arts has dropped some sort of bombshell press release about how they are taking over this or that property or company? Today they signed up with ESPN, and starting in 2006, have exclusive rights to ESPN for use in video games. They've already taken away possible competition from arena football games. I'd wager that they don't even bother to make an arena football game. On top of Madden taking over football, they're trying to buy out a controlling stake in Ubi Soft. Of course, that one is "purely for investment reasons." Sounds to me like they're investing in keeping the competition at bay.

So, in light of EA's fondness for Monday press releases announcing major acquisitions, I've come up with a few possibilities of my own.

  1. Buy the NHL: No, they're not buying rights to the NHL, they're buying the whole league. Hockey is in trouble now, and I'll bet the price is lower than ever before. EA may as well capitalize on the league's position and swoop in for a good deal. I'm sure they'll be able to make hockey popular again.
  2. Hire Uwe Boll to make Madden: The Movie: Everybody who is anybody knows that if you're making a video game movie then Uwe Boll is the man to direct it. Expect to see instant replays to be footage of actual Madden gameplay and a shitty CG Tom Brady driving right to the end zone.
  3. Coming soon from Apple: the robotic iSim: Just imagine if Will Wright got in the sack with Steve Jobs. The result would be the iSim; a stark white mannequin that can be decorated and customized by each individual user. It's hip and has an ultra-trendy ad campaign, the public will eat it up!
  4. Run CEO Larry Probst for US President: He's certainly got the bankroll to fund a campaign. Of course there are those pesky campaign finance reform issues to get around, but based on the state of American politics, that shouldn't be too hard.
  5. Buy Microsoft: Ok, so it may take them a couple months of savings, but they'll have the money eventually.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Why hello there Apple, have you lost weight?

Macworld is the day us Apple aficionados wait for. Today Mr. Jobs showers us with goodies for the year to come. The show was no disappointment this year either. This year, Apple seems to be on the Atkins diet, because all of their products have lost weight.

First and foremost is the new iPod Shuffle, complete with a clever "Life is Random" slogan. I have a 20GB 4th Gen iPod and I want one of these little suckers so badly. I cannot even explain my reasons. I suppose Mr. Jobs has fully brainwashed me by now. I have no logical reasons for wanting a pack of gum that plays music, other than my current desire of a USB flash drive (which I could get much cheaper else ware).

Of course there's also the Mac Mini, the smallest powerful computer I've ever seen. It looks more like it should be carrying my PB&J and thermos full of Kool-Aid than a ton of high tech computer parts. I'd love to have one of these suckers as a media box hooked up to the TV.

iLife '05 is nice, and I'll probably buy it when it comes out. iWork is a bit of a disappointment. I'm all of Keynote and Pages, but I think the package falls sorta flat as an overall productivity suite. It's seriously lacking a spreadsheet application.

The wait for Tiger is becoming downright unbearable. All the new features showed off today blow my mind away. Dashboard is so freakin' cool. Mail is getting a major overhaul, and a much needed one at that.

Congrads to Apple on another successful MacWorld. Here's to another awesome year and the proliferation of the Mac.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005



Color me impressed. The Aviator was stunning. The movie itself was very good, but I enjoyed Scorsese's direction of it and DiCaprio's acting. There's something I never thought I'd say. Leo's been pretty good, I really liked him in Catch Me If You Can, but he was flat-out amazing in The Aviator. He nails the role, and the disturbing moments are carried on his shoulders with ease.

When the movie flies high you really feel it. The moments where he flies in all these planes are breathtaking. I felt like I was right there with him in the cockpit. The crash scene left my mouth agape. It was stunning and horrific, easily the best plane crash I've ever see in a motion picture.

One warning: make sure you can stomach 3 hours of cinema. Thankfully the movie doesn't drag, not even once, so it flies right by (pun intended).