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Saturday, January 22, 2005

RE4: Bring the Crowd

For the uninitiated, I work at a movie theatre located right at the heart of the Florida State University campus. We show all sorts of stuff: huge blockbusters, small indie films, and cult classics at midnight. Tonight's movie is Hero. That's not important.

We open thirty minutes prior to the film's starting time. For the first fifteen of those minutes there were more people watching my friend Jon play Resident Evil 4 in the adjacent cyber cafe than there were entering our theatre (which holds over 350 bodies, zombified or not).

I'd say that's a testament to Resident Evil 4's drawing power. There was a gaggle of people hovering around the console game nook watching a guy blow the heads off of "not-zombies." Not thirty seconds could go buy without a titanic explosion of screams coming from the cafe. Common exclamations include phrases such as "OOOOOOOOH!" "HOLY SHIT!" The loudest of reactions came when my good friend accidentally blew off Ashley's head while trying to snipe her out of the hands of an infested cultist.

Also, somewhere along the line I nicknamed the tall gentleman with the large goatee who later turns into a giant insectoid boss "Crazy Ivan." I just thought I'd throw that out there.


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