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Saturday, February 05, 2005

I Wonder How This Got Canceled

Tuesday marked the release of one of my favorite shows born of the “Fox Friday Night Death Slot,” Wonderfalls. The show chronicles the life of a character named Jaye Tyler. Things talk to her, things like little wax lions and lawn flamingos. They tell her to do things, things that end up helping people. However, it’s a pretty Machiavellian concept, as the means of getting there often result in some misadventures and sometimes-illegal dealings.

While it may sound similar to the CBS hit Joan of Arcadia, it differs in the fact that it has a bizarre style and a much more comedic style than CBS’s entry into the “magical girl” genre. For example, the show intro and many of the transitions use a style akin to that of the classic Viewmaster toy. Everything in the show comes together to create a real world with some very unreal events going on. The characters are really good and the visual effects are quite amazing, probably one of the reasons the show was canceled (see: Firefly).

So give Wonderfalls a chance, you just might like it.


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