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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Resident Evil 4: Final Thoughts (also: Beck)

I hate saying "Game of the Year" in February, but I think Resident Evil 4 is going to be a serious contended for the title. It's easily the current best game of the year, not that there is much competing against it. What I have to say is fairly spoiler-ridden, so I'd suggest saving it if you aren't at least 75% of the way through the game.

The cinematic feel the game manages to pull of is astounding. It's a shining example of how to really pull the player into the experience. I think what helps this title manage this so well are it's interactive cut scenes. You can't put the controller down during them. If you do, there is a very good chance you will be massacred in some fantastic fashion. Shenmue may have introduced Quick-Time Events (or QTEs) into gaming, but Resident Evil 4 is the first title to use them well. Who cares of Ryo gets hit in the face with a soccer ball. That's not life threatening. On the other hand, dodging a psycho's relentless knifing is in fact quite important. It also happens to be one of the best cinematic sequences in any game I have ever played. Plus, this game manages to mix the QTEs into both the cinematics and the gameplay. This brings a real sense of concession to the overall experience of the game.

The game's astounding graphics certainly lend a lot to the movie-like feel of the game, but the sound helps just as much, and if not more. The soundtrack running through the game does a supreme job of setting the mood, even if the mood almost always happens to be one of uncertainty. It's triumphant when you take down a boss and desperate when Ashley gets kidnapped (again, and again). The voice acting is a major improvement from "the master of unlocking" of previous Resident Evil games, and while it isn't as top not as something like Halo or Metal Gear Solid, it does a very good job of conveying emotion.

In other news, I snagged Beck's new "Hell Yes" EP off of iTunes this morning and frankly, it has downright blown me clear away. These four tracks are all remixes off of his upcoming album "Guero." From what I understand the new album (and these songs) are comprised partly of either actual chopped up music from NES games, or synth that sounds like it might as well have been taken from NES games. It is stuck in my head and I have a genuine fear that it will never be removed. Perhaps that's actually a sense of hope that they'll stay forever.


  • At 9:41 AM, Blogger flamingsquirrelofdeathv2 said…

    this game is truly awsome, probably THE BEST video game i have ever played, it's up there with SSBM

    i bought RE0 a few days ago, i'm under impressed, it's fun at the begginging, but it gets old fast, and there's not enough combat, if the zombies respawned, it would be alot better. the story is still great though


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