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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

What will I watch without Hockey? How about videogames?

NHL on Thin Ice
So the NHL and the NHLPA couldn't come to a decision. The greedy jerks (on both sides) were millions away from each other and just couldn't budge. There's officially no hockey season (for real this time). I'm so bummed. I was really hoping they would finally get it done at the 11th hour and I could watch the Devils play again.

Cesar would be proud
Shadow of Rome is pretty good. It's nice to see developers trying something new, even if the gameplay is pretty derivative of Onimusha (not that they're anything wrong with that). It stinks that the game is going to bomb hardcore. I've got to agree with Kasavin on this one, please take a chance and try something that DOESN'T have a number after the title (if not Shadow of Rome, then please God of War).

Money Matters
This whole Playstation Portable thing is sneaking up fast, I need to generate some funds, but how?

Touch me baby!
WarioWare: Touched! released in the states, finally. I've already given my two cents on the title, so check them out. Overall, it's ok but it's no WarioWare: Twisted! Hell, it's not even as good as the progenitor.

Constantine - not the Roman one
I saw about 50% of Constantine, missed the middle part because of work. Overall, I'd say the half I saw was decent. The visual effects were really great and the costumes looked cool. The plot seemed kind of dumb, or maybe that was just Keanu. You should probably wait to rent it.

That show that hates Muslims
24 is awesome. Why aren't you watching it?


  • At 9:49 AM, Blogger flamingsquirrelofdeathv2 said…

    ahhh, the PSP, i really dont like it, there are no games that i actalu WANT on it
    nintendo DS $130
    wario ware touched: $25
    beating a game in 10 min and selling it to some other sucker for $25: Priceless

    i saw up untill constantine was attacked by that wierd leach dude near the gas station (i think it was a gas statoin) then i fell asleep, i had stayed up the WHOLE night before that


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